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What is PLATPLAY ?

Visual communication is the most effective way to relay our messages to our audiances. In the new digital World, we do this with Digital signage Systems. Digital screens on shop windows, digital information boards on office grounds, Reception areas and halls of Hospitals, Time table screens at the Airports, Metro stations and in

School campuses, way finding kiosks at the shopping malls, restaurant menuboards and many more are all around
us to catch our eyes. All those screens pushing a colorful digital World in our eyes is a part of a Digital Signage World.

Digital Signage system is a group of remotely managable digital screens which you can push
any kind of visual at any time you want. Whether it is a few or hundreds of screens located together or apart, all digital signage systems are composed of below items.


High resolution displays in various screen sizes with wide range of media inputs, touch capability options


Advertisements, videos, photos, charts, graphics, web feeds, and more; developed in-house and/or by
3 rd party.


Program to design the lay out, combine related contents with related screens, track the playlist, schedule
and manage the whole system centrally.


LAN and/or WAN, wired, or wireless


Effective advertisements: Make virtual product presentation to enable the consumer to view a product from all angles, see videos, get information, etc.

Informing or wayfinding: Provide information or directions for specific locations, including events, transit centers,
hospitality, schools, large retail complexes, and many other locations

Easy to take an action quickly: Publish professional looking content on your displays in seconds

Reduce your costs: Replace old fashion, slower, costly, and less efficient printed methods of distributing

Increase your sales: Increase awareness of products, services, new offerings, promotions with captivating visuals and reflect your price updates instantly.

Why PlatPlay

Connect the digital World with Platplay

Comprehensive solution

One solution for all industries, for all purposes of digital signage usage and for all scales
of business.

Easy to use

Create, schedule, publish and monitor your contents on a user-friendly interface.

Works offline

Once you upload your contents and schedule, the system can continue to work.

Central Remote management

Publish, replace, monitor and delete the content on the device as well as to troubleshoot device issues without physically visiting the signage location

Brand independant

Platplay runs your contents on all display types. Different branded displays can be combined under Platplay software. Enroll and manage multiple devices through one dashboard.

Userfriendly Dashboard

At a glance , you can see the general status of your screens, online connectivity, your playlist, live content view, troubleshoot information


Learn statistical information, such as number of online /offline screens, error frequency, types of players, duration and frequency of contents, troubleshoot and ROI reports.

Happy Customers

Room Manager Through the Eyes of our Customers

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Toplantı odası rezervasyon sistemleri, konferans odaları ofis veya paylaşılan herhangi bir ortamın rezerve edilmesine olanak sağlayan yazılım ve donanımdan oluşan bir planlama sistemidir.

Bu sistem akıllı ekranlar ve yazılımlara gereksinim duyar. Akıllı ekranların dokunmatik özelliğe sahip olması kullanımı daha avantajlı hale getirir ve rezerve yapmak isteyen kişinin akıllı ekran üzerinden de işlem yapmasına olanak sağlar.

Örnek verecek olursak bir ofisin çalışanları ofisindeki bir odayı toplantıları için rezerve edebilir böylelikle başka bir çalışanın o odaya rezerve yapma işleminin önüne geçilir. Böylelikle toplantı zamanında oluşabilecek karmaşa yer ve mekan müsaitliği sorunu ortadan kalkar. Belirli bir saat aralığı için rezerve edilmiş oda bir başkası tarafından seçim yapılacağı zaman dolu gözükür ve üzerine rezerve işlemi yapılmasına izin vermez. Toplantı odası rezervasyon sistemi üzerinden toplantı tanımlayacak bir kişi tek ekran üzerinden tüm odaların durumunu görüntüleyebilir, kendine en uygun toplantı odasını bulup rezervasyon yapabilir.

Toplantı organizatörü toplantıya eklediği katılımcılara elektronik davet gönderebilmektedir.

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Where it participated with its own booth area, it introduced PlatPlay and iSpot brands and solutions to many visitors and companies worldwide.

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