PlatPlay DS Menuboard

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What is PlatPlay DS Menuboard?

PlatPlay DS Menuboard system is a videowall solution that allows multiple contents to be delivered to users at specified intervals and synchronized menu updates.

Menuboards, which are primarily preferred by restaurants and cafes, where the images and prices of the food and beverages in the menu are published, are generally created with a single row and side by side arrangement. All can be used as a single whole unit, or different contents can be broadcasted on each screen individually as well.

Depending on the physical conditions of the space and the customer’s viewing angles, the screens can be positioned adjacent to each other, either can be located individually in portrait or landscape format.

PlatPlay DS Menuboard is a specialized usage of PlatPlay DS where you can benefit of all its’ advantages.

Why Menuboard ?

Make a difference with PlatPlay

Dynamic Content

Increase Sales

Instant Campaign Planing

Entertain Your Clients

Save Cost

Remote Management

Compatible Platforms

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Instant Campaign Planing

PlatPlay DS Menuboard displays and solution gives you the flexibility and control of your campaigns with maximum ROI. Once you plan your campaigns, you can immediately push them to your screens wheather it is a single digital board or hundreds across multiple locations. Make your campaign more calling with vivid images and videos. If something’s not working as expected, you can make instant alterations or updates without loosing time and the expense of having to reprint costly static menu boards. You can even create time-sensitive instant promotions customized for different locations or products.

Increase Sales

Your displays are more than a list of choices. They are your first communication tools with your customers. The mouthwatering visuals in tune with your products will effect their decision of purchase . Having more information through rotating playlist will speed up their ordering process or your promotions will divert them to your specials. With PlatPlay DS Menuboard solution you can quickly refresh content and seize upsell opportunities on the fly by directing customers’ attention where you want it

Remote Management

With PlatPlay DS Menuboard you can manage all your displays and contents from your corporate head without the need of multiple employees . Our cloud-based system allows you to easily publish, alterate and monitor the content from your desk as well as to troubleshoot device issues without physically visiting the location.

The automation and optimization of manual tasks, will decrease the workload for the locations, prevent late or wrong publishings and increase effectiveness.


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