PlatPlay DS

Get your displays under your control.

Why PlatPlay

Connect the digital World with Platplay

Comprehensive solution

One solution for all industries, for all purposes of digital signage usage and for all scales
of business.

Easy to use

Create, schedule, publish and monitor your contents on a user-friendly interface.

Integration support

Gets numeric information from different databases and publishes them as real-time valuable graphics

Works offline

Once you upload your contents and schedule, the system can continue to work.


Platplay is a flexible software which you can add new functions, displays, custom content design and decide how the content looks like.

Central Remote management

Publish, replace, monitor and delete the content on the device as well as to troubleshoot device issues without physically visiting the signage location

Brand independant

Platplay runs your contents on all display types. Different branded displays can be combined under Platplay software. Enroll and manage multiple devices through one dashboard.

Userfriendly Dashboard

At a glance , you can see the general status of your screens, online connectivity, your playlist, live content view, troubleshoot information


Learn statistical information, such as number of online /offline screens, error frequency, types of players, duration and frequency of contents, troubleshoot and ROI reports.

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