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PlatPlay is established  in Istanbul in 2014. PlatPlay’s power comes from a young, dynamic team that is open to learning and innovation. With this team, PlatPlay sets sail to new horizons by filling the sails with the power of Digital Signage technology. It has succeeded in winning the appreciation of its customers with strong brands by its value added products and high quality understanding of its services in the professional A/V (Audio/Video) projects.

PlatPlay’s core business is Digital Signage Software Solutions as well as analyzing the needs of customers to provide the most appropriate software and hardware solutions. These products and services provide easy-to-use and functional solutions for customers  from  many industries, including the Holdings, Banks and Finance Institutions, Retail Sector, Health and Education Institutions, Food & Drink and the Public Sector.

PlatPlay’s solutions create countless benefits for its customers. Some of these functions;

  • PlatPlay can bring versatile solutions by combining different platforms.
  • PlatPlay follows the evolving technology and recent technology trends and transforms these trends into products that will provide benefits for its customers.
  • PlatPlay is completely planned and developed to meet its customers’ needs, and will be tailored based on their needs.
  • PlatPlay can easily adapt to the growing needs of growing businesses.

What Products and Services does PlatPlay Offer?

PlatPlay Signage

PlatPlay offers industry leading Digital Signage Software Solutions. The solutions which enables businesses to use messages and their contents more effectively, manage their multiple displays easily, and report the playback data displayed on these screens, through high-resolution screens placed at the desired location.

PlatPlay Digital Signage Solutions deliver the visual messages to your target audience and messages can be delivered in picture, video, text and live data formats via screens. PlatPlay solutions differentiate itself with its strong features such as Content Scheduling and Management, Multi Screen Structure, Offline Content Playback, Remote Access and Integration to External Data Sources.

Meeting Room Solutions

PlatPlay offers two different solutions to simplify the organization of meeting rooms and to eliminate the problems related to the meetings for corporate and medium sized businesses. With RoomPlanner, you can create all of your meeting/conference rooms in your company for multiple locations, and make sure that these rooms are reserved by your employees through an approval mechanism. With RoomDisplay, you can show who is in your meeting, how long it will take, and the information of the next meeting via standard or touch screens that you will set out of meeting rooms or conference rooms.