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PlatPlay Signage

PlatPlay Signage Software Solution helps you to have more effective both external and internal communication for your target audience in a wide range of industries from retail to banking, education to the healthcare. PlatPlay Digital Signage Solutions can provide platform-independent solutions to meet your needs such as advertising, campaigns, announcements, information and referrals.


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PlatPlay RoomPlanner

The sweet competition among your employees for meeting rooms ends with the PlatPlay RoomPlanner Solutions. Searching and booking a meeting room will not be a stress factor anymore. PlatPlay RoomPlanner helps you to manage all of your meeting rooms via single dashboard.

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PlatPlay RoomDisplay

Are you having trouble organizing your meetings or events in conference/meeting rooms? Have you ever fought with your colleagues to book the same room, or something like being kicked out or split when starting a meeting? PlatPlay RoomDisplay provides solutions for these problems.

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5 Reasons to Prefer PlatPlay

Price to Performance

PlatPlay Solutions provide easy access with affordable prices and high performance with advanced features at the same time.


The PlatPlay Solutions are simple to use, and even non-technical users can easily manage the systems.

Internal Media Player

PlatPlay Solutions allow you to integrate content into screens without the need for an external hardware.

Easy Data Integration

PlatPlay Solutions can easily integrate with a wide range of data sources and provide usage of the data.

After Sale Support

PlatPlay will be on your side with its young, dynamic and experienced technical staff.