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PlatPlay Media Players Meet Your Needs

PlatPlay Playlers have been designed specifically for the needs of our customers. Digital Signage media players, which enable you to play your content effectively, meet your needs with flexible and powerful technical features.
PlatPlay Digital Signage Media Players help to play your Digital Signage contents easily. Differentiate yourself from your competitors with PlatPlay Media Players’ advanced features such as content scheduling and management, split screen structure, offline content playback, remote access, and Integration with external data sources.

Media Players Supported by PlatPlay

PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player

Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is an integrated Digital Signage media player solution that lets you play your content on the screen without any additional hardware. It is known as “No-PC” in the world of Digital Signage Media Players and was introduced to the market in 2013 as a revolutionary technology. Provided with Samsung Professional Screens, this feature brings a new experience to Digital Signage applications with PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player.

With traditional signage systems, External media players were needed. With this new technology developed by Samsung, the players now come as a chip (SoC-System On Chip) integrated into the screens. In this way, a more stable, easier to install, less costly and faster technology transition has been made. PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player is an all-in-one solution built on this technology.

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PlatPlay Pl Player

PlatPlay PI Player is a simple media player which delivers reliable and stunning FHD multimedia playback on display and digital signage solutions. You don’t need a computer to display your contents anymore. You can start using PlatPlay PI Player without any difficulty with its easy to use plug-and-play features. You can save space by mounting the PlatPlay Pl Player behind your screen. PlatPlay PI Player offers a much more cost-effective solution compared to PCs.

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PlatPlay Air Player

If you prefer to broadcast Digital Signage on a computer network that you are currently using or thinking of buying new one, you can have a perfect experience with PlatPlay Air Player.

PlatPlay Air Player has a flexible structure that can run on Windows or Linux operating systems, and if you want to take advantage of PlatPlay’s features without breaking your existing PC architecture, Air Player will offer a Digital Signage solution that can answer your needs.

PlatPlay Air Player requires a computer with 4 Core CPU and 4GB RAM support.

Intel Stick PC or Intel NUC is the recommended Player hardware.

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