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PlatPlay Brings Audio to Video

PlatPlay Digital Signage solutions allow you to manage sound applications as well as visual elements such as video and pictures. It broadcasts internal radio and announcements, allowing you to transmit your messages to entire organization through the audio channel. It is also possible to increase the motivation of your employees through in-house music broadcasting.
Your messages are reaching your employees as well as your customers and business partners who visit your company. Using your sound communication channel, you can provide brand integrity and increase your brand awareness.
Voice applications make waiting times more enjoyable in pre-meeting and customer visits. It helps to reduce standby problems..


How to Use Sound Solutions of PlatPlay?

In-house Ambiance

Empower your Perception within your Organization

Control the ambience of the different parts of your buildings using PlatPlay’s in-house sound solutions. Make your stay enjoyable with music broadcasts in meeting rooms, elevators, waiting halls.

Providing the appropriate environment for your employees in resting areas and providing sound elements that help them to relax will increase the productivity of your employees.

Advertising and Promotion

Promote Your Brand and Your Increase Brand Awareness

Create a new communication channel in your company using your own radio broadcast application. Help your customers or your business partners to understand you better when they visit your company.

Use audio broadcasting for in-house marketing. Use voice communication to publish and communicate your corporate marketing messages within the organization.

Active Disclosure in Emergency Situations

Reduce Loss with Quick and Effective Information Sharing in Disasters such as Earthquake, Flood, Fire

PlatPlay Voiceover Solutions help you to update the messages immediately on the screens, so information spreads very quickly.

We will not know when we will encounter natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, etc. In these situations, rapid actions can help us to save hundreds and thousands of lives. PlatPlay solutions will help you to reduce the panic that occurs.