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Why Should You Prefer PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player?

Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is an integrated Digital Signage media player solution that lets you play your content on the screen without any additional hardware. It is known as “No-PC” in the world of Digital Signage Media Players and was introduced to the market in 2013 as a revolutionary technology. Provided with Samsung Professional Screens, this feature brings a new experience to Digital Signage applications with PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player.

With traditional signage systems, External media players were needed. With this new technology developed by Samsung, the players now come as a chip (SoC-System On Chip) integrated into the screens. In this way, a more stable, easier to install, less costly and faster technology transition has been made. PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player is an all-in-one solution built on this technology.

What are the Benefits of PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player?

No External Device Needed

Affordable, High Performance, Sharp Image Quality

It provides a cost effective solution since it does not need any external hardware like Classical Digital Signage Solutions do.  With PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player solution, you do not need any additional equipment; You can get rid of the crowd of the devices and additional cost. The PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player solution integrates with the display and utilizes all the hardware features to provide a high-end performance experience. With SSSP technology you get a plug-and-play architecture, where you can have an easy to install, manage and maintain system.

PlatPlay’s Advanced Features

Flexible Reporting, Flawless Experience, Perfect Compatibility

PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player provides an uninterrupted communication experience with Online and Offline operations, which allows you to view your messages and content at any time and place. With its integrated and sophisticated structure, in addition to many media formats, it allows you to play your HTML5-based content with full performance. The PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player allows remote screen control and provides a seamless Digital Signage experience while helping you manage all the hardware functions you need.

What are the features of PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player?

PC-free Content Display Feature

You don’t need to have any computer or extra device anymore. You can display your content without using computers.

Horizontal or Vertical Usage Feature

PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player allows you to display your content both horizontally and vertically mode.

Remote Screen Control Feature

The remote control function of PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player allows you to control your content from wherever you like.

Screen Status Monitoring Feature

Tracking the status of all the screens that you manage is much easier with PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player. You can simultaneously display the status of the screen you want, and you can take control quickly if necessary.

Split-Screen Feature

SSSP Player can split the screen into multiple parts. You can target your content in any part of the screen.

Remote Firmware Update Support

PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player software can be updated remotely, so you can reduce the costs of the software updates.

Content Scheduling Feature

Be the one who determines when your content will be posted! Your contents will be published on the date and time range you want.

Video and Picture Formats

PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player supports  MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, MKV, ASF, WMV, JPEG, PNG, BMP etc. formats.

SlidingText and Ticker Support

Do not limit your screens and let your content fit the screen with PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Players Sliding Text and Ticker support.

Weather and RSS Feed Support Feature

SSSP Player can integrate with RSS feed and Weather Platforms, so you can display these channels on your screens.

Social Media Integration Feature

PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player can integrate with all social media platforms, and allows you to display social media feeds on your screens.

Database Integration Feature

PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player can integrate with various database platforms, such as SQL, MS SQL, and Oracle etc.

Office Documents Support

PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player can display office documents, such as PDF, MS PowerPoint and MS Word etc. formats.

Live Broadcast Support

Displaying the pre-made content is not enough for PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player, it also has live broadcast support. SSSP Player can display live streams on your screen.

Offline Mode

PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player can display your content even without internet connection.

External Source Displaying Feature

The PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player has the ability to display external sources plugged into HDMI and DVI ports on the split screen or on the whole screen.

Interactive Using

PlatPlay Samsung SSSP Player plays interactive contents in high performance.

Time Adjusted On / Off Feature

You can automatically turn the screens on or off for specific times and dates you want.

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