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Why You Should Prefer PlatPlay?

PlatPlay Signage is a flexible, easy to use ,and affordable Digital Signage Software Solution. It helps you to make your internal and external communication stronger in different industries from retail to banking, education to healthcare.

PlatPlay Digital Signage Software Solutions can deliver platform-independent solutions while making your internal communication more effective, to meet your requirements, such as advertising and promotions, campaigns, announcements, orientation and information.

What are the Benefits of PlatPlay Signage?

Manage and Monitor

You can upload and publish your content on your screen with PlatPlay’s user-friendly web based Content Management Interface. The only thing you need will be an internet connection. Take control of your content. PlatPlay Signage has a scalable system architecture. PlatPlay Signage Software Solution can scale easily with your fast growing business. There is no user limit in PlatPlay Signage solution. You can manage the users and the users’ permissions and roles as you wish. Platplay Signage Software Solution can support multiple locations with unlimited screens. You can monitor the status of your screens remotely instantly.

Flexible and Extensible

PlatPlay Signage Software helps you to personalize your customers’ digital experience. It provides effective communication with its flexible integration ability into different data sources. By using PlatPlay Digital Signage Software Solutions, you can achieve better results by making regional targets in your campaigns.

PlatPlay Signage Software Solution can support a wide range of displays and hardware platforms. Connects one or more screens to provide synchronous operations. You can scale your project as confident that it will work safely and smoothly. Allows you to show your contents in the targeted part of your screens.

Media and Widget Support

PlatPlay Signage Solutions supports many popular image, audio and video formats. With PlatPlay’s internal widgets you can easily integrate into external data sources and display informations such as weather, currency exchange, flight information, and more on your screens. Through PlatPlay Signage Software Solution, you can easily integrate into Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and you can show the feeds of your social media accounts  on your screens. For example; while displaying Facebook feeds on one of your screens, Instagram feed can be displayed on another screen. You can also broadcast the traffic information on your screens with Yandex Traffic Services.

Simple Content Management and Publishing

By using PlatPlay Signage’s easy-to-use layout editor, you can quickly create designs that fit your corporate identity. You can create your content without any difficulty by using the content templates pre-defined on the system. PlatPlay Signage Software Solutions have the ability to create playlists of your contents. You can schedule the contents in your playlist and target any date or time for your needs.

Reporting Feature

The detailed reporting feature of PlatPlay Signage Software Solution allows you to access important information. Your questions will be answered. Which time the content is broadcasted? How many times it is displayed? and how often it is broadcasted? You can have your reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or annually basis for any date range you. PlatPlay Signage allows you to know that how your audience reacted to your content, so if there is something wrong; you can realize and provide solutions for the problems before they occur.

What are the Features of PlatPlay Signage?

Web Based Content Management System

You can easily manage your digital signage operations by using PlatPlay’s user-friendly interface from anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

Scalable System Architecture

A technology infrastructure which can scale with the needs of your fast growing business.

Multi User Support

PlatPlay Signage platform supports multiple users and allows the management of these users. PlatPlay Signage has user-based authorization feature for the ones who have concern about security.

Reporting Feature

You should know that what kind of content displayed on your screens and how often. By using the reporting system of PlatPlay Signage; know your customers better, and increase your sales.

Remote Screen Monitoring Feature

PlatPlay Signage monitoring and notification features allow you to monitor of you screens’ status (such as Online/Offline, temperature of screens, CPU, RAM, and Uptime)

Remote Software Update Support

PlatPlay Digital Signage software can be updated easily and quickly with a remote connection.

Player Grouping and Tag Support

Create category groups using region, province, district and similar data. Make your audience targeting easier. Make your messages more relevant.

MultiScreen Structure

Display of physical resource with PIP support in the targeted part of the screen.

Database Integrations

Display your data stored on SQL, MS SQL, Oracle etc. in the screens. Deliver the targeted data in relevant formats.

PlatPlay Signage Has More Features

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