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Why Should I Prefer PlatPlay RoomPlanner?

The sweet competition among your company’s employees for meeting rooms ends with PlatPlay RoomPlanner solution. Tracking the status of the meeting rooms or booking a meeting room is not stressful for your employees anymore with PlatPlay RoomPlanner Solution.

PlatPlay RoomPlanner allows you to manage meeting rooms via a centralized system. PlatPlay Room Planner makes you meeting perfect by enhancing the connection between of your employees and the meeting rooms. Your employees can make reservations at any hour they want and check the availability of meeting rooms.

Take control of your meeting rooms with PlatPlay RoomPlanner. You can define meeting rooms that your employees can book, and limit their authority as you wish.

What are the Benefits of PlatPlay RoomPlanner?

Web Based Management Interface

Integration with Different Platforms, Remote Control

PlatPlay RoomPlanner has an easy to use web-based management panel that you can access via local or internet network. You can define your meeting rooms and conference rooms via this admin panel, and authorize users and control their permissions for these rooms. You can create different locations for your company and manage the meeting rooms for these locations. You can search rooms based on their features and find the right room for your meeting. PlatPlay RoomPlanner helps you to find a meeting room with 8-seats, 65″ screen and video conferencing device.

Approve the Reservations

Categorization Feature, Room Search Feature, Reminder

You want to have an approval process for reservations that made on PlatPlay RoomPlayer, right? Good news, It’s very easy with PlatPlay RoomPlanner. You can assign an administrator for each room and require his/her approval to book the room. The approval mechanism starts to run on PlatPlay RoomPlanner Management Panel when you activate this feature.

Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP) and SSO Support

Personalization, SSO Compatibility, Analysis

If you are using Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP) in your company and want to transfer your employees profile and authorization through RoomPlanner, it is extremely easy to do this with LDAP support provided by RoomPlanner. PlatPlay RoomPlanner automatically imports all of your users’ information by Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP) integration support. PlatPlay RoomPlanner supports Single Sign on (SSO). Your employees will create new user accounts. They will be able to use their Windows Credentials to login to the PlatPlay RoomPlanner solution.

Integration with Google and Microsoft Exchange

Customization, SSO Compatibility, Analysis

PlatPlay RoomPlanner meets your needs. It does not force you to change. It provides solutions for you without needing any changes in your systems.

PlatPlay RoomPlanner can easily and quickly integrate with Gmail Calendar, Office365 and Microsoft Exchange platforms and import your meeting data from these platforms.

What are the features of PlatPlay RoomPlanner?

Web Based User Interface

PlatPlay RoomPlanner makes easy to manage meetings with a web-based, user-friendly interface that is easily accessible from anywhere you have an Internet or Intranet connection.

Search Suitable Room Based On Features

PlatPlay RoomPlanner lists you the most suitable rooms or rooms according to the search criteria you have selected.

Location and Group Based Permission

With PlatPlay RoomPlanner’s authorization feature, you can manage who can use specific rooms.

Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar Integration

PlatPlay Room Planner has the ability to integrate with Microsoft Exchange and Gmail Calendar, where meeting information you have entered from the systems can be tracked via RoomPlanner.

Reporting Feature

PlatPlay RoomPlanner can deliver your room usage information as a report based on your selected criteria, which may show average and total usage based on the selected period.

Booking Approval Mechanism

Meeting room booking requests will not be processed without your approval. Everything will be under your control.

PlatPlay RoomPlanner Has More Features

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