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Why Should You Prefer PlatPlay PI Player

PlatPlay PI Player is a simple media player which delivers reliable and stunning FHD multimedia playback on display and digital signage solutions. You don’t need a computer to display your contents anymore. You can start using PlatPlay PI Player without any difficulty with its easy to use plug-and-play features. You can save space by mounting the PlatPlay Pl Player behind your screen.

PlatPlay PI Player offers a much more cost-effective solution compared to PCs.

What are the Benefits of PlatPlay PI Player?

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PlatPlay Pl Player has plug-and-play feature, your Digital Signage content is ready to play, after you plugged PI Player into your screen.

PlatPlay PI Player is a more affordable solution compare to PCs. In addition, PlatPlay Pl Player is designed specifically for Digital Signage and performs better than PCs. You can save more time by protecting yourself from the problems experienced in manually operated digital signage player integrations with PCs.

Compact Design

PlatPlay Pl Player is a pretty small player solution. Pl Player, which has a deck of cards size, does not occupy the place like computers do. By simply mounting PlatPlay Pl Player behind your screen, you can get rid of visual pollution.

The installation of the PlatPlay Pl Player is very simple, all you need is a HDMI cable connection to the display. You don’t need an IT guy in order to use or adjust PlatPlay PI Player, it is very easy-to-use. It’s fanless and low power designs suitable for simple digital signage applications.

What are PlatPlay PI Player’s Features?

Compact Design

PlatPlay PI Player is a very small player; it is just in size of a deck of cards.

Plug & Play

PlatPlay PI Player is ready to use after unboxing. You can start to display your Digital Signage content immediately without advanced installation.

Horizontal or Vertical Usage

PlatPlay Pl Player supports horizontal and vertical display usage. It can easily adapt to your differentiating needs.

Full HD Image Quality

Supporting up to 1920×1080 megapixel resolution, PlatPlay PI Player provides high-quality image performance.

Multi-Screen Feature

PlatPlay Pl Player can split the screen into multiple parts. You can target your content in any part of the screen.

Content Scheduling

PlatPlay PI Player can publish or remove content at the time and date you want.

Video and Picture Formats

PI Player supports JPG, PNG and BMP picture formats as well as video formats such as MPEG and AVI.

Text and Ticker Support

Do not limit your screens and let your content fit the screen with PlatPlay PI Players Sliding Text and Ticker support.

Weather and RSS Feed Support

PlatPlay Pl Player can be integrated into external data sources such as weather, exchange rate, traffic information.

Offline Mode

PlatPlay Pl player can display your content even without internet connection. (Except Dynamic Data)

Time Adjusted On / Off Feature

You can automatically turn the screens on or off for specific times and dates you want.

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