Central and Easy Management

PlatPlay Signage’s Technical Specifications

Web Based Content Management System

You can easily manage your digital signage operations with a web-based user-friendly interface that’s easily accessible from anywhere you have an internet or intranet connection.

Scalable System Architecture

Scalable technological architecture that can grow with your business and your needs.

PC-free Content Displaying

With PlatPlay Samsung SSSP (Samsung Smart Signage Player) Player you can display your contents without the need for additional equipment (Pc).

Multi User Support

PlatPlay Digital Signage Platform supports multiple users and allows the management of users.  PlatPlay Signage has role-based authorization feature for those customers who have concern about security.

Error Detection and Notification

PlatPlay Digital Signage Platform has a bug tracking mechanism. System errors are checked regularly and error notification is provided via email and dashboard.

Reporting Feature

PlatPlay Digital Signage makes easy to track of what is displayed on your screens and how much it is displayed. You can increase your productivity with the reporting features provided.

Remote Screen Control

Through Remote Screen Control feature Shutdown, Restart, Sound, Source, Brightness, Image, etc. settings can be adjusted centrally. Take control of your all screens.

Remote Screen Monitoring Feature

Monitor the status of your screens with the PlatPlay Remote Screen monitoring and alerting system. (such as Online/Offline, temperature of screens, CPU, RAM, and Uptime)

Emergency Content Display

PlatPlay Digital Signage solution takes the necessary alarm actions according to the scenario you specify.

Remote Software Update Support

Players connected to PlatPlay Digital Signage Software can be easily and quickly updated with a remote connection.

Player Grouping and Tag Support

Create vertical category groups using region, province, district and similar data. Make your audience targeting easier. Or you can make different groupings horizontally with your specific labeling (such as mall, street screen).

Content Scheduling

Be the one who determines when your content will be displayed. Keep your content live on the date and time you want.

RSS Feed Support

Publish your content with images or text to your screens with RSS feed integration.

Sliding Text and Animation Support

With PlatPlay Digital Signage Sliding Text Support, show subtitles, surtitles, moving text, or animated text on screens.

Template and Auto Form Support

Template and Auto-Form Features provided by PlatPlay, you can quickly provide content entry to selected professional-looking templates.

External Source Displaying

Display of physical resource with PIP support in the targeted part of the screen. ( HDMI, DVI)

Live Broadcast Support

For customers who want to broadcast live from different screens with HD quality, PlatPlay Digital Signage platform offers streaming support in supported formats.

Video and Picture Formats

PlatPlay Signage supports MPEG1/2, MPEG4, AVI, MKV, ASF, WMV, JPEG, PNG, BMP etc. formats.

Audio Formats

With PlatPlay Digital Signage Solutions, you can play audio files in AAC, AAC +, MP3 formats in your content.

Background Music

PlatPlay Digital Signage Solutions provide background music support. You can define background music while your content is playing.

Offline Mode

PlatPlay Digital Signage has offline content playback support when there is no network connection.

Interactive Using

PlatPlay Digital Signage supports touch-to-play applications and gives you a report of the interactivity have made.

Database Integrations

PlatPlay Digital Signage plaftorm allows you to show your data that stored on ODBC, MSSQL, SAP, AXAPTA, ORACLE, etc. on screens

Traffic Density Map

Easily integrated with Yandex Traffic, you can display traffic information on your screen at your desired location.