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PlatPlay RoomPlanner Technical Specs

Web Based User Interface

PlatPlay RoomPlanner makes easy to manage meetings with a web-based, user-friendly interface that is easily accessible from anywhere you have an Internet or Intranet connection.

Search Suitable Room Based On Features

PlatPlay RoomPlanner lists you the most suitable rooms or rooms according to the search criteria you have selected.

Calendar View

PlatPlay RoomPlanner allows you to view and enter meeting information with the Monthly, Weekly and Daily Calendar view according to your user habits.

Recurring Meeting Scheduling

Do not book your weekly meetings over and over again. Let PlatPlay RoomPlanner do it for you for any frequency you wish.

Location and Group Based Permission

With PlatPlay RoomPlanner’s authorization feature, you can manage who can use specific rooms.

Unlimited Room and Features Creating

On PlatPlat RoomPlanner you can create as many rooms as you like and assign as many properties as you like to this room.

Room Blocking by Date

PlatPlay RoomPlanner can block the room you want at any time. The room you blocked appears to be inactive until it is activated again.

Booking Approval Mechanism

Meeting room booking requests will not be processed without your approval. Everything will be under your control.

Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar Integration

PlatPlay Room Planner has the ability to integrate with Microsoft Exchange and Gmail Calendar, where meeting information you have entered from the systems can be tracked via RoomPlanner.

E-mail Notification Feature

Forgetting the meeting is getting ends with the e-mail notification function on the day of the meeting and on the day of the meeting. In addition, you will be notified via email if the meeting date changed or cancelation.

RoomDisplay Support

You can display information about your meeting via screens located on the doors of meeting rooms. So, you can have information about the on going meeting.

Template Library

With PlatPlay RoomPlanner’s ready-to-use templates, you can quickly and easily apply a template design for your contents and edit them whenever you want. Template design can be prepared according to your corporate identity.

Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP) Support

PlatPlay RoomPlanner With Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP) support, you access the users and their group of authorization through the system. So, you can manage your users authorization through A.D. management.

Reporting Feature

PlatPlay RoomPlanner can deliver your room usage information as a report based on your selected criteria, which may show average and total usage based on the selected period.

Multi Language Support

PlatPlay RoomPlanner is a global software solution. You can use it in multiple countries with its multiple language support.