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Why Should You Prefer PlatPlay RoomDisplay?

Have you ever troubled organizing your meetings or organizing events in conference rooms? You fight with your friends to reserve the same room or you have been asked to continue your meeting in another room? PlatPlay RoomDisplay provide solutions for these problems.

PlatPlay RoomDisplay works on screens that are usually located in the entrance of meeting rooms or conference rooms, improving the use of meeting rooms and facilitating management of these rooms. It allows your employees to monitor the activities in the rooms via the digital screens. All of the questions will be answered. What is the purpose of the meeting? How long will it take, and who are the participants? If you prefer to use touch screens on the meeting room door, you can make a reservation instantly at the front of the door.

You can use templates to design the PlatPlay RoomDisplay user interface, or you can customize them for yourself. Designing the user interface is quite simple. You can impress your visitors by an interface that fits your branding guidelines.

What are the Benefits of PlatPlay RoomDisplay?

Full Compatibility with Exchange, Google Calendar and RoomPlanner

PlatPlay RoomDisplay meets your expectations. You do not need to change your habits to use PlatPlay RoomDisplay solution. RoomDisplay integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Google and can help you to display the data from these systems on your screens. RoomDisplay can also easily and quickly integrate with the PlatPlay RoomPlanner solution, which aims the perfect management in meeting and conference rooms. RoomPlanner improves the efficiency of your employees by making the meeting follow-up and reservation easier.

Touch Screen Usage

PlatPlay RoomDisplay works on touch screens and provides a meeting room reservation process by a user-friendly interface at the targeted location. You can display all kinds of information about your meeting or activity on the screens that is located at the entrance of meeting or conference rooms.

With the touchscreen feature, you can update existing meeting or event information or perform a new booking operation without needing any computer.

Emergency Display

When will an emergency situation occur? We really do not know. Being caught unprepared to earthquakes, floods, fires, etc. leads to extremely severe consequences. In such situations PlatPlay RoomDisplay helps you to reduce the negative effects of panic by displaying pre-prepared contents of emergency directions in the building and this content can be published quickly and effectively.

What are the features of PlatPlay RoomPlanner?

Integration with MS Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendar

PlatPlay RoomDisplay can integrate with MS Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendar and displays your data that stored on these platforms on the screens.

Monitoring the Screens

PlatPlay RoomDisplay allows you to monitor the status of your screens real time and remotely.

Template Library

With PlatPlay RoomPlanner’s ready-to-use templates, you can quickly and easily apply a template design for your contents and edit them whenever you want. Template design can be prepared according to your corporate identity.

Custom Design Opportunity

PlatPlay RoomDisplay allows you to design an interface for your screens. Interface designing is quite simple. You can make a very creative design in a short period of time.

Horizontal and Vertical Usage

PlatPlay RoomDisplay allows you to use your screens horizontally or vertically as you wish.

Room Empty / Full Status Display

PlatPlay RoomDisplay screens can display the availability status of the meeting rooms real time.

Content Rotation

You can rotate different contents based on your needs in the screens. You can define content for display when there is no meeting.

Emergency Content

PlatPlay RoomDisplay can effectively deliver emergency messages via screens when occurring an emergency situation.


With the touch-operated feature of PlatPlay RoomDisplay, you can instantly book the room for a meeting, extend meetings, and cancel the ongoing meetings at front of the door.

Time Adjusted Display On / Off Mode

With the time adjusted feature of PlatPlay RoomDisplay, you can turn on or off the displays at the specified date and time.

PoE Compatibility

RoomDisplay has PoE compatibility, so you can provide both data and power over a single cable to the screens. (PoE + (802.3at) support)

Wi-Fi Support

PlatPlay RoomDisplay supports Wi-Fi connection and does not need a cable for network connection.

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