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PlatPlay Solutions for the Retail

PlatPlay is the most recent Digital Signage solution designed for you to reach potential customers and increase your brand value and awareness.

You can inform and motivate both your employees and your customers with PlatPlay Solutions. You can increase the productivity and brand awareness within the company.

According to the survey with 100 people selected by Nielsen; 68% of participants said they were influencing by the messages they saw at stores, and 77% said that getting information about products has a positive impact on buying decision.

According to another research done by Arbitron, 30% of the people who participated in the research make an unplanned purchase of the messages given on the stands. Based on these surveys we can say that reaching out customers effectively will increase your sales; and the best way to do this is digital displays.

There is a tough competition in the retail industry for every business. You have to be different than others to be the leader.

PlatPlay Implementations for the Retail

Promote Your Products

Do your customers have information about your products in your stores? Or are you simply acting according to their ability to find your products? At this point, you can inform your customers about your products by using display technologies. PlatPlay can help you to promote your products and influence your customers’ decisions easily.

Different Messages for Diffrent Customer’s Types

There are so many customer segments in different stores. We know that! Well, are your messages the same? It was extremely difficult with old technologies to give the right direction to your messages for different customer segments. PlatPlay has a smooth solution for thissituation . You can display different messages easily for each store by using PlatPlay content management system.

Digital Signage ile Dilediğiniz Mağazada Dilediğiniz Mesaja Yer Verin

Boost Your Sales

You can offer daily promotions and highlight your merchandise to increase your sales. PlatPlay is designed for your business and your needs. So your promotions will be more targeted and effective.

Survey Applications

PlatPlay allows you to make surveys via touch screens. By analyzing the feedback given by your customers, you can realize the problems and improve your customer service. You can also monitor the results of the survey real time, so you can take the action for the problems before it’s too late.

Digital Signage ile Anket Uygulamaları
PlatPlay Digital Signage ile Marka Bilinirliğinizi Arttırın

Boost Your Brand Awareness

Introduce your brand and the elements of your brand to the right people in the right way; and engage your brand with your customers. So your customers will remember your brand and revisit your store.


A customer wants to buy a product in one of your stores, but the product is out of stock. Is this product available in your inventories? If yes, you can sell this product to your customer using PlatPlay Solutions. Achieve high profit and customer satisfaction together.

PlatPlay Digital Signage ile Omnichannel Çözümler

Benefits of PlatPlay in the Retail

Attract More Customers

PlatPlay allows you to use interactive media contents such as videos, animations, visuals; and it helps you attract the customers who pass in front of your store and even beyond. It helps to increase your sales by directing them into your store.

Modernize Your Stores

Create a different environment for your customers; and increase your brand awareness. Enhance your brand effectiveness on your customers by using Mirror screens, Stretch screens, or Small screens.

Boost Your Sales

Attract more customers! Let your customers to understand your offers and discounts better, let to know your products better; and as a result your sales will increase.

More Effective Marketing

If you give the right message to the right targeted group at the right place, the result will be perfect. Use your marketing channel more effectively.

Strong Communication

Use PlatPlay to improve communication between headquarters and stores. Inform your employees more effectively about your company, internal policies and working principles. Train your staff using digital screens.

Get Attention

Get the attention of your potential customers who are passing in front of your store using Outdoor Digital Signage Applications. With your outdoor messages your offers become more attractive as you increase the awareness of your brand. PlatPlay helps you to get more customers.

Take Control of Your Stores

You can remotely manage display and sound systems in your stores. You can display different contents for your stores in different locations. Track your screens real time. You can see that if there is something wrong, PlatPlay helps you to take some actions before it is too late.

Reduce Your Costs

From now on, you don’t have to use the printed materials. Increase your revenues using faster and more effective PlatPlay Solutions.

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