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PlatPlay Solutions for the Public Organizations

Government agencies and public transport systems provide significant services for the community. Messages sent by public organizations are important for our society in terms of the security and the information value they carry.
You can set up a compatible and responsive communication channel with PlatPlay for citizens and increase the visibility of the services you are providing so that you can easily spread the messages you want to communicate with your audience.

PlatPlay can help your organization to create a smooth and effective communication channel for your public messages about any governmental activity.

How to Use PlatPlay in Public Organizations

Boost Communication among Your Units

The management of different units of the organizations in big cities are more complex. Communication between these units can be difficult. It is very easy to establish a private communication network between public institutions with PlatPlay Solutions, and the integration and operation of systems can be done quickly as opposed to what is thought to be.

Let Your Messages Hit The Target

PlatPlay Solutions will help the public organizations to broadcast their messages supported by video, image and sound related to their services and the progress in communication level can be measured easily.

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Communicate With Non-Governmental Organizations Effectively

Public enterprises can work with non-governmental organizations through PlatPlay Solutions. They can effectively provide information about facilities and services, and improve the communication between the institutions and the citizens.

Make Transportation Easy

With PlatPlay Solutions it’s very easy to know the estimated arrival and destination times and the current station of the public transportation vehicles. If you want to understand the benefits of PlatPlay better, think about the screens that show the arrival and stations information of the trains in a subway. What would you do without them? These screens will inform you about the next station, so you’ll never miss your transportation.

Provide Instant Information Flow

Provide instant information such as weather conditions, traffic data. You can spread the information of highways that will be free during the holiday; or you can provide other types of information such as economy, finance and global news, and public spots at public areas for your citizens.

Art and Culture

Increase the awareness of cultural and artistic activities and museums in your city. Inform the audience through high definition screens and videos in these screens about the events. In this way, you can attract more participants for many cultural activities that may be in the public interest.

Public Service Ad

Are public ads only broadcast on television? Televisions and radios are highly effective mass media channels; but PlatPlay Signage is an extremely effective way to display public ads as well. Keep your citizens informed through digital displays at public areas.

Natural Disaster

In case of emergency PlatPlay Solutions can show the emergency messages, or can guide people to the emergency exits.

Benefits of PlatPlay in the Public Organizastions

Waiting is Boring

You can easily inform the citizens about the governmental institutions, manner of work at crowded locations. Ensure people are informed about your organization.

Inform Tourists and Visitors

Inform the foreign or domestic tourists about the beauties of your city, historical monuments, places to visit and culture and art activities. Help them to find their ways.

Public Communication

PlatPlay provides useful services to citizens by providing critical information such as news and weather conditions. Wayfinding will be a lot easier with PlatPlay.

Inform Public Employees

Inform the public employees of all kinds of internal matters. Let them access your messages such as holiday and event announcements.

Reduce Your Costs

PlatPlay Solutions enable you to save on printing costs and instantly display your updates on the screens, so you don’t have to distribute the printed materials anymore.

Increase Your Revenue

Create a new revenue channel for your institution by displaying advertisements on the screens that you will place throughout your city.

Effective Communication in Emergency Cases

In emergency case In addition to disaster and emergency information, you can easily be alerted about new regulations. You can help to reduce the panic by informing people in emergency case.

Easy to Communicate with Your Offices

You can have better communication between the head office and the local units. Keep your units updated.

Navigate the Citizens Correctly

Reduce citizen’s waiting times by reducing process time in hierarchically functioning departments. Navigate the citizens to the right places in order to help them.

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