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Better Hospitality with PlatPlay

PlatPlay helps you to host your guests better with its digital solutions. PlatPlay Solutions reduce your employees’ workload and increase customer satisfaction through various usage areas from lobbies to rooms. PlatPlay Digital Signage Solutions make your customers’ waiting time more effective with screens located in lobbies.

PlatPlay Digital Signage Solutions make the waiting time more effective while informing your customers. PlatPlay solutions enable both in-room and out-of-room customers to find the right address, reducing the number of questions that are asking to your employees. Your guests have information about the city through digital screens, so they have a better travel experience. PlatPlay Digital Signage Solutions make your screens informative by connecting to a variety of external data sources, such as weather, flight information (FIDS) or social media feeds.

With PlatPlay solutions, it’s easier to share information with your customers, such as food and event schedule times at your hotel. Your brand awareness increase while your customers know your hotel better and the services that you offered. Impress your customers with a communication channel that meets the needs of your target audience. For example, you can inform the start and end times of your breakfast when you are showing your campaigns through the screens located in elevator, waiting area or inside elevator displays.

PlatPlay Applications for the Hospitality

Cheer up Your Lobby

The first impression is important. PlatPlay can help you to pass the first test. The visual contents that you’ll be publishing through PlatPlay Solutions will make your lobby more stylish and start influencing your guests from the first moment. PlatPlay Digital Signage Solutions can also increase your reputation by showing customer comments on your screens and give trustworthy looks for your customers. PlatPlay solutions do not forget your guests waiting in your lobby. You can show information about your hotel, fun video clips, news feeds, and social media feeds on your lobby screens.

Help Your Guests to Find Their Directions

PlatPlay Solutions can give directions via digital screens that are located in corridors and various areas of you hotel. Your customers can get directions to the area they wish via the interactive screen and quickly access information about upcoming events. For example, your customers can navigate to directions by choosing the dining hall and see how long have left for the next meal. All they have to do is touching the screen. In this way you can reduce the workload on your employees.

Show Your Event Programs

PlatPlay solutions allow you to create your events and update them at any time you want. You can create activity lists on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Your guests can follow the event list instantly via the screens in the lobby or common areas, so you can instantly inform your guests about canceled and changing events.

Benefits of PlatPlay for the Hospitality

Get Attention by Contents

Show some interesting contents to your customers via the screens that you located various areas of your hotel.

Easy Check-in / out System

Make easier check-in experience for your customers using interactive kiosk technology.

Answer Your Customer's Questions

Show your answers to the questions most frequently asked by your customers through digital screens that you have placed in common areas, and increase customer satisfaction.

Don't Hide Your Hotel Facilities

Show your hotel’s facilities such as Fitness, Sauna, Restaurant, Cafe, SPA center, and show them using information through digital screens.

Promotion and Campaign

Inform your customers about promotions and campaigns at your hotel and increase your incomes by shaping your campaigns in line with their expectations.

Track the Flights

Inform your customers with their flight details like delays or cancelation of their flight and add value to your services by keeping them informed.

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