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PlatPlay Solutions for Education

New generation cannot live without technology, it is no doubt. The way of learning for the new generation growing with the technology is different. Advanced technology provides various benefits in Education Industry, and it helps making the learning process easier, faster and more effective.

Many of today’s students have embraced interactive technologies. New generation is growing with the smartphones, internet connection, social media, video and computers; and they are engaging with the digital world every day. This is because, the digitalization of education and educational institutions is becoming more and more important to speak the same language with the new generation.

PlatPlay is designed specifically for the needs of your organization and it helps you to deliver your messages to large audience through a user friendly dashboard. The messages will be under your control. PlatPlay can be used in universities and other educational institutions, and also some other places such as, sport complexes, lobbies and dining halls in schools.

PlatPlay Usage Areas for Education

Don’t Get Lost

In universities with large campuses students, especially beginners, lose their ways when they search for the places like faculties or student affairs. PlatPlay wayfinding solutions built for digital kiosks provide solutions to this problem. You can see your current location and get directions to your destination.

Make Your Activities More Visible

PlatPlay can easily integrate with external data sources and you can visualize the data feeds such as social media, exchange rates, traffic information in the high definition screens. Your social media activities at the campus or any location will be more visible with the help of PlatPlay.

PlatPlay Digital Signage ile Sesinizi Yükseltin

Volume Up Your Voice

Use interactive screens to guide the students and their parents at the busy days, such as school enrollment days. Avoid creating a stressful environment.

Use the Common Areas Effectively

It is difficult to find more active and crowded areas on campus than canteen, cafeteria, library etc. Get some benefits from this crowd. Inform students with the power of PlatPlay technology by supporting your content with videos, animations, visuals.

PlatPlay Digitalm Signage Çözümleri ile Yurtları Aktif Kullanın
PlatPlay Digital Signage Çözümleri ile Öğrenci İşleri Uygulamaları

Student Affairs Can Be Done by Students

Students can do their own student affairs tasks by themselves such as registering, gathering information, registering courses through interactive screens.

Course Info with RoomDisplay

PlatPlay system allows you to see classrooms status via digital screens that are positioned at the amp or classroom gates; thus students will avoid some confusions such as “am I in the right class?”

PlatPlay Digital Signage Çözümleri ile Ders Takibi

Announce Your Events

PlatPlay system can provide instant information about upcoming events on your campus. PlatPlay allows information to be displayed on digital screens such as event area, date and time; so you can provide more participants in your events.

Emergency Alerts

If an emergency case occurs in your campus, PlatPlay will quickly display the directions over the screens to guide you to emergency exit doors and shelters. You can show vital information messages as quickly as possible.

PlatPlay Digital Signage Çözümleri ile Acil Durum Alarmları

Location Based Information

With the location-based information function, you can display different information messages and contents for each faculty, and edit them instantly.

Roll Call With Card System

With the card roll call function, you can access course instantly based absence status of students.

PlatPlay Digital Signage Çözümleri ile Kampüs TV Uygulaması

Campus TV

You can use the Campus TV as a publishing tool that allows the students to produce their own content and publish offline. You can give the students the opportunity to publish their own content on campus so that they can increase their creativity.

Conference Halls

PlatPlay can display the speaker’s name, the subject of speech, duration of the speech. You can ensure that viewers are informed about the subject and the speaker.

PlatPlay Digital Signage Konferans Odası Çözümleri

Benefits of PlatPlay in the Education

Let Increase the Student Participation

PlatPlay is an interactive technology. It can engage with the users. With that feature, it increases the student engagement to the courses.

Increase the Instructor's Productivity

Imagine a crowded class. It is very difficult for the instructor to deal with each student individually in this environment. PlatPlay can help instructors to take control of the whole class easily.

Show the Information About Your Institution

PlatPlay can show photos and videos of the graduates, it can display the campus map, and it can give information about history of the university.

Keep Parents Infromed

You can easily inform the students and their parents about lessons, class hours, sports and art events, exam dates and locations.

Accessible Campus

PlatPlay helps the students to find their ways easily to the places they searched through an easily accessible information network on a complex campus.

Stay Up to Date

PlatPlay Solutions can integrate with automated notification systems to communicate and to give an emergency message over the entire school network. You can share an emergency notification or current news that is happening across the country simultaneously.

Check the Content On the Screen

With PlatPlay technology, you can easily create content, edit, transfer data from multiple users. In this way, you can reduce the cost of employees by your employees’ efficiency.

Use Your Employees More Effectively

It will be much easier to provide data access security by defining the areas that employees or students can access earlier than traditional systems. PlatPlay’s mobile structure allows you to access the data that you want to reach from anywhere around the globe.

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