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PlatPlay Solutions for Healthcare

The health is the most precious part of our lives. We can’t deny it. This is why PlatPlay Technology in hospitals is getting more important day by day. Informing the patients and their guests is making things easier in hospitals and in our lives.

Finding out the right address with ease in hospitals helps the hospital employees, patients and their companions. PlatPlay Solutions can also inform the patients and their companions about illness and hospital in a digital way; so it doesn’t let the people get bored while they are waiting.

PlatPlay Usage Areas for the Healthcare

Digital Signage ile Müşterilerinize Dokunun

Effective Communication with Patients

PlatPlay solutions in hospitals and clinics provide important solutions for organizations to improve communication between health institutes and their guests. PlatPlay can help you to provide content for people waiting in lobbies, waiting room, restaurant in hospitals.

Awareness of Your Hospital

You can make the waiting times entertaining via VideoWalls and Digital Screens that display videos about your hospital and branding; it also provides a better patient and guest experience.

Inform Your Employees

PlatPlay can help you to inform and direct your employees about their jobs through screens. You can effectively deliver informational messages such as working hours, which doctors will be on duty, and tasks in the hospital.

Advertising and Promotion Areas

Interactive displays are your digital windows of your institution. You can increase your revenue by offering offers and promotions through these screens, enabling you to pre-diagnose diseases by creating awareness in your hospital visitors.

PlatPlay Digital Signage ile Reklam ve Tanıtım

Name Tag for Doctors

We all saw the patients who were looking for the doctor’s room hastily in the hospital. Patients can’t see the name tags which made from paper because they are in hurry. PlatPlay can display the doctor’s name, title, specialty and availability effectively via digital screens that located at the doctor’s room door. So it helps to reduce the hurry in the hospital.

Patient Rooms

With PlatPlay, the name, surname of the patient, blood group and the doctor or nurse who is interested in the patient can be displayed on the digital screens at the door of the patient’s room.

PlatPlay Digital Signage ve Hasta Odaları

Operation Room Doors

On the doors of the operation room, the information of the current operation can be displayed. Daily, weekly and monthly surgery programs can also be displayed. In addition to these, detailed information such as what doctor will do in the surgery, the information of the team of doctors operating the surgery, how long it will take can be displayed.

Traffic and Weather Information

You can show traffic and weather information screens located close to the exit doors so that returning to home could be easier for your guests.

PlatPlay Digital Signage ile Hava ve Yol Durumu Bilgilendirmesi

Benefits of PlatPlay in the Healthcare

Inform the Patients

Using the digital content prepared in a specific cycle you can inform your patients at the right time, you can promote your campaign health services, and you can provide a wide range of information, including suggestions for prevention of diseases and illnesses.

Make Your Hospital More Prefered

PlatPlay will make your hospital more preferred as increasing patient experience. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about the PlatPlay System and learn about our special offers.

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