PlatPlay in the Food & Beverage Industry


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PlatPlay’s Solutions for the Food & Beverage

PlatPlay offers solutions to attract your target audience’s attention in the Food & Beverage industry as well as in many other industries.
We can see lots of benefits provided by PlatPlay and its technology at many places such as restaurants and cafes. Think about yourself, as a customer in a restaurant don’t you find digital menus more attractive?

PlatPlay's Usage Areas for the Food & Beverage

Let Your Menus Look Alive

Without a doubt, at first we think about what do they have in their menu when we see a restaurant from outside. At this point PlatPlay helps you to get more customers into your restaurant and increase your sales using digital menus that can be displayed on MenuBoards in an effective and modern way.

Attract Customer’s Attention

Digital MenuBoards, preferred by most of the restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping malls, can attract potential customers and speed up the decision-making process. It can trigger the customers for an unplanned purchase. PlatPlay helps you to use Digital MenuBoards most effectively.

Influence Your Customers

Digital MenuBoards became the standard for the food & beverage industry. The content displayed on Digital MenuBoards will make it easier for you to sell products with high profit margins and speed up the decision-making by triggering humanity’s biggest impulse, hunger.

Communicate with Your Customer

PlatPlay allows you to make surveys on touchscreens. You can improve your products and services by analyzing your customer’s feedback. You can also monitor the results of the survey instantly, and you can realize the problems before it’s too late.

Digital Signage ile Anket Uygulamaları

Benefits of PlatPlay in the Food & Beverage


PlatPlay allows customers to see your products while waiting, advertise your new products, and increase visibility of your campaigns to make more sales.

Impress Your Customers

PlatPlay can create visually and functionally enhanced menus to impress your customers.

Instant Change Possibility

Along with menu changes and new product additions, PlatPlay offers advantages such as hiding finishedproducts and offering different campaigns at different times of the day.

Reduce Your Costs

PlatPlay allows you to save money by reducing employees and printing costs. So you can make changes for your branch offices, and you can reach your goals faster with happier customers.

Get Attention

You can inform your customers about quality of your product; and you can show some information such as calories and nutritional values on the screens. So you can easily increase the brand awareness.

Remote Control Function

PlatPlay allows you to control your menus both locally and remotely. For example, centralized synchronization functionality allows real time update of changing prices on your MenuBoard, so your branches are under control.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

PlatPlay helps maintain brand awareness and visual consistency, especially for Fast Food chains.

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