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PlatPlay Solutions for Banking and Finance Industry

It is becoming more and more important to touch our customers in the right place, at the right time with the right message. It will not be wrong to remind once again the importance of reaching to the target audience in a particularly fast growing industry like Banking & Finance.

Technology is becoming more important day by day in our lives. It is going to protect its importance to reach your audience, because your audience is engaging with the technology every day, every moment in their lives. At this point, PlatPlay solutions can help you to achieve your goals.

How to Use PlatPlay in Banking & Finance

Get in Touch With Your Customers

Many large banks uses Digital Signage Solutions to communicate with their customers and employees. PlatPlay Digital Signage Software helps you to promote your campaigns and opportunities to your customers in a highly effective way through LCD, VideoWall and Interactive Screens.

Don’t Let Your Customers Get Bored!

Waiting is boring, as you all know. You can use the high definition screens to entertain your customers while they are waiting in your bank. You can display funny videos, news about the markets, and social media feeds via these screens.

Use Different Data Sources

It would not be wrong to say that the use of Digital Signage provides much easier and more effective results compare to the classical static content approaches when presenting financial products and information to your customers as quickly as possible. PlatPlay’s Digital Signage solutions can easily integrate with many type of external data sources. For example, any investment-related data feeds, such as a session room, you can display your real time market data from your data sources.

Benefit from Interactive Tools

PlatPlay solutions can engage with your customers. By using the survey applications, which will help you to ask your customers instantly to get their feedback. You can satisfy your customers, make your services better and reduce the workload of your employees based on the results of the surveys. You can keep customer satisfaction at the top level and provide the best quality of services, with the interactive applications.

Benefits of PlatPlay for the Banking & Finance

Detailed Reports

Be aware of any activity on your screens. PlatPlay can provide you a better understanding of your customers and their behaviors. Make your campaigns more effective and successful.

Increase the Performance of Your Campaigns

Banks use VideoWall and Interactive Digital Signage Solutions to inform their customers about financial services and marketing campaigns. PlatPlay Solutions can display such content on a wide range of digital screens; you can use it to display real time financial data feed on these screens.

Attract More Attention

Attract the attention of thousands of customers who are passing in front of your bank branch using the outdoor implementations of Digital Signage. With your outdoor messages your campaigns become more attractive and you will increase the awareness of your brand. PlatPlay helps you to get more customers.

Check Your Messages

Manage your messages through a user friendly interface when communicating with your customers.

Security First

PlatPlay solutions can be used as a Onpremise solution with the highest security standards, HTTPS, VPN, proxy, virtual servers, IP Restrictions and Active Directory.

Targeted Messages

Make your message different for every region. Don’t show the same message to every user type. For example, it might not be very effective to talk about a campaign for retirement on your university campus.

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