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PlatPlay Helps You to Communicate with Your Customers

PlatPlay’s software solutions and its outstanding implementations in different industries are providing unlimited benefits for a successful business.
Without a doubt, one of the key functions in these benefits is the information and orientation which is known as fundamental of Digital Signage.

Meeting the customers’ information and orientation needs in different industries such as hotels, restaurants, universities, and hospitals is crucial to achieve the customer satisfaction; and it is essential for your business.

PlatPlay’s Information and Orientation Implementations


Smart, Easy and Fast Wayfinding

PlatPlay solutions make it easier and faster to access information for your customer. In this way you can reduce your employee costs while satisfying your customers. PlatPlay helps to reduce your customer’s inquiries about your products or services.

With PlatPlay Digital Signage Software Solutions, you can easily guide your customers wherever your customers want to reach with the help of both outdoor and indoor implementations.

Reduce the Lack of Information

Customer Satisfaction and Low Cost with Accurate Information

Right from the moment your customers step into your store, the most important factor for success is to find answers for their questions.

Customers with question marks increase wait and processing times for every seconds they do not know what to do. This can cause customer dissatisfaction, high employee costs and work inefficiency. With PlatPlay’s Digital Signage Solutions, you can inform your customers about your process and workflow. Moreover, this type of information will be much more effective than classical information methods.

Effective Information in Emergency Situations

Reduce Loss in Natural Disasters and Emergencies

PlatPlay Digital Signage Software Solutions helps you to instantly publish your message on the screens and the information spreads very quickly. We can’t know when a natural disaster like earthquakes, floods, fires, etc. will happen. Being faster in these circumstances can save thousands, hundreds of lives. PlatPlay solutions will also help you to reduce the panic that occurs in emergency situations.

Get Closer to Your Customers

Informed Customers, Strong Relations

Enhance the communication with your customers by showing local news, weather, event dates, cultural and arts activities. PlatPlay Digital Signage Solutions can help you getting closer to your customers with the concept of “infotainment”

Don’t let your customers get bored while waiting in your store, at your bank, at your hotel or at the airport. Entertain and inform your customers via your attractive contents on digital screens in a modern way.