Frequently Asked Questions

What products does PlatPlay offer?

PlatPlay Digital Signage solutions allow you to display any content at any display device at any location. It provides unique experience with its easy to use features and high performance advantages without making you dependent on a particular hardware or playback platform. Starting with a simple auto-configured setup, you can add players, schedules and automated features to your system as your business grows. With PlatPlay CMS you can create, distribute and playback contents on displays and players.

Is there a cloud version of your software? (Coming soon)

Yes, read more about PlatPlay Cloud. section Login from your web browser to upload, schedule and deploy your digital media. You will find all the tools you need to monitor and report your displays and players. Please contact us for more information.

Is PlatPlay the right digital signage software for my needs?

We hope to be able to convince you by the following facts:

Be flexible: One of the advantages of using PlatPlay is that it is very flexible. You can easily integrate our software with existing databases, add functions and allow your signage system to grow together with your business.

Be secure: You can rely on PlatPlay. We have extensive experience in the business and a good support structure. You are in charge of both hardware and software by monitoring the content, display temperature, CPU and turning the display off and on.

Be creative: Show the right content you want to show on the display by selecting the target group and catch their attention. Whatever your industry need, PlatPlay can be modified and could fulfill the need on a specific idea.

What is the minimum system required to run PlatPlay CMS?

For the PlatPlay CMS interface you only need an internet connection and a web browser to manage the players, contents and schedules. The PlatPlay CMS requires either physically or virtually installed Windows based server; and a player, either a player integrated display or a Windows/Linux installed computer to run PlatPlay Player applications to download and playback contents.  Please refer minimum system requirements file.

  • CPU: Quad Core 1.8 Ghz Processor
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333 Mhz
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Storage: 120 GB HDD/SSD
  • Connection: Ethernet / WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
  • OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 or higher (recommended)
  • Environment: MSSql Express 2012, ASP.NET4.5, ISS7.0 or higher builds

Do you also provide Server or Player hardware?

No, we do not sell server hardware directly.

We do only provide one type of player hardware which is our PI Player product, for the other player hardware’s we do not sell directly. However, we have partnerships with hardware vendors and work together with them to provide the best software setup for a given hardware. Please contact us for further details.

Which display products and platforms are compatible with PlatPlay?

  • PlatPlay SSSP Player runs directly on displays or on an external player called Set-Back-Box with Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP 2.0 and above supported)
  • PlatPlay PI Player is software and hardware bundle which runs natively on certified Raspberry devices.
  • PlatPlay Air Player is a native application for Windows or Linux based PCs.
  • PlatPlay Andoid Player is application which runs natively on certified Android devices. (Coming Soon)

What kind of displays can I use?

We strongly recommend to use professional (commercial) grade displays in your installation. Professional displays will have undergone long-term tests and come with warranties guaranteeing by global vendors. You should consider the environment in which the display will be fitted when you select a display manufacturer – displays come with various hardware and software features such as integrated player, external control, brightness levels, bezel sizes, mounting options, and so on.

Can I control the display in my system?

Yes, if there is a connection to the display over RS-232, Ethernet (RJ-45) or through an API, and its communication protocol is supported, PlatPlay CMS software is able to control picture settings, volume, source or power of the display.

What kinds of media file can be supportable in PlatPlay?

PlatPlay CMS software supports most known file formats, it lets you to create beautiful contents with existing media and skill sets by importing popular file formats such as;

  • Texts, Images (.PNG, .JPG), Video (.MP4, WMV, .MKV), Flash (.SWF), Sound (.MP3) files
  • Weather, News, Stock and Exchange Rates
  • Alerts and Notifications depending on a situation
  • Web Pages, Polls, Surveys and Contests
  • Live Streaming Video
  • Calendars and Events on Exchange or Google Calendar
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and RSS feeds

The formats above might be differing from the type of player that you used in the system.

Does PlatPlay support RSS feeds?

Yes. RSS feeds are supported directly through the pre-defined RSS Widget objects; any required RSS Widget could be created into the system with Widget wizard using HTML, JS and CSS codes.

Does PlatPlay supports to display information stored in a database?

Yes. PlatPlay DataLink module enables users to have content instantly updated in real time through the use of remote database sources and having content managed through various applications. If you are interested in data integration, please contact us for more information.

Can I request a feature?

Yes. Our team is agile and able to develop and implement new features to fulfill the needs of your business needs. Depending on the scope of the new required feature, we may charge consultancy to our clients. If you need a specific feature which is not supported yet, please contact us.

How often will I have to update the software?

In our PlatPlay Cloud services, updates and support are one of the main items which we provide, and it’s free during the subscription period.

If you don’t use PlatPlay Cloud, free updates are included in the support agreement and it must be renewed every year. Updating your PlatPlay environment to a latest version can improve system performance, expand functionality and provide you with new tools to reach your needs.

How are licenses handled in PlatPlay?

PlatPlay licenses are on a per computer or player basis. The license is not based on the number of displays.