Visualize Your Data on Screens with PlatPlay


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PlatPlay Provides Fast and Effortless Data Integration

You can easily export data from your ERP, CRM and similar systems that you have used at your company and display them on your screens. PlatPlay’s Datalink interface allows you to quickly perform and edit all your connections. All you have to do is connect your data source and choose where and how it will appear on the screen, you can leave the rest to PlatPlay.

Data Applications with PlatPlay

SAP Applications

PlatPlay offers many ready-to-use solutions to make your SAP integration process easier. With PlatPlay’s automatically generated SAP interfaces, you can ensure that orders, purchases, delivery times and production data are displayed clearly through high definition displays. PlatPlay provides a schematic or map view of data from production sites and field operations to make the data more understandable. PlatPlay offers an interactive experience by taking visuality a step further with touch-operated applications. It allows you to save on additional SAP costs in your production areas and allows the use of your employees with simpler interfaces. PlatPlay is an ideal NonSAP solution with design options that best reflects your corporate identity or alternate stylish templates.

CRM Applications

PlatPlay system has many useful features to use CRM applications more effectively. PlatPlay allows you to instantly publish your desired information via dashboards, graphics and schematic visuals. You can share performance indicators in your organizations with your staff, related business units and stakeholders in real-time with the PlatPlay system.

PlatPlay Solutions help improve employees’ performance and increase their motivation.

O.E.E. Applications (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

With PlatPlay’s O.E.E. support, you can track data that come from production areas and line simultaneously and in real time. In this way, you can increase your operational efficiency by monitoring your instant production quantities and production times.

PlatPlay Solutions can help you to monitor the efficiency and need for maintenance of your machines, production and installment lines and to take precautions for potential issues.

HBYS Applications

PlatPlay Solutions can be easily integrated with HBYS systems. You can display information that comes from HBYS system such as about examination room, the patient’s number, the doctor’s resume, the photograph of the doctor on room displays. You can change the room information automatically by working hours. You can show many information such as room number, in-patient information, and medicine time in order to help nurses on the patient room display by taking information from HBYS system. PlatPlay is ready to work smoothly with HBYS system that essential for hospitals.

OBYS Applications

PlatPlay Solutions make it easy to integrate with OBYS systems through ready-to-use modules and templates. Especially with the digital screens used on class doors, it allows you to share information such as instructor information, which lesson is in the class. Students can enter the class by making roll call process on digital screens. If the student not registered for the class, PlatPlay can warn and make appropriate class orientation. PlatPlay offers numerous solutions to facilitate school management with the support of OBYS. PlatPlay displays weekly and monthly class schedules remarkably on digital screens, helping your students to follow the lessons. You can show exam calendars and exam results in a very simple way without the hassle. PlatPlay can also broadcast announcements from the student information system via digital screens.