Efficient and Effective Internal Communication


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PlatPlay Boosts Internal Communication

You can take your organization to a different dimension in internal communication processes with different implementations of PlatPlay Solutions. You can present any information and message about your company to your employees or to your stakeholders effectively through the digital screens located in different sections of your buildings.
A strong corporate communication strengthens the link between your stakeholders and your brand. With PlatPlay solutions, your employees can effectively learn your internal processes, internal policies, activities and procedures.

How to use PlatPlay in the Area of Information and Orientation

Motivate Your Employees

Increase Motivation with Effective and Interactive Messages

PlatPlay solutions provide effective communication through high-resolution digital displays positioned within the enterprise to deliver specific messages and content to different departments of your company. This will help you to motivate your employees in this way.

You can strengthen the sense of belonging between your employees and your company by giving personalized messages to your employees published inside the organization.

Easy Employee Training with PlatPlay

Interactive and Effective Personnel Training

Training your employees and the know-how that they had during this trainings will absolutely be your competitive advantage against your rivals. With PlatPlay Digital Signage solutions it is very easy to organize in-house trainings in your scattered offices or branches at work or during off hours.

Your employees’ participation in training can be measured and progress levels can be monitored through reports. In this way, you can increase the level of knowledge of your employees and product/service quality. This will bring you customer satisfaction or increase in your revenues.

Effective Information Sharing in Emergency Cases

Reduce Emergency Panic

PlatPlay Digital Signage solutions help you to instantly update the message displayed on your screen in case of an emergency, so that information can be shared as quickly as possible.

We will not know when we will encounter natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, etc. In these situations, rapid actions can help us to save hundreds and thousands of lives. PlatPlay solutions will help you to reduce the panic that occurs.

No More Paper Waste

Reduce Printed Materials and Cartridge Usage

Have you ever calculated the cost of using printed materials in your on-premises communications? You need a printer network, your printers need to be maintained. Your cartridges and toner will run out quickly. Your communication will be interrupted if your printer does not work.

Imagine that you got rid of all these expenses. You will not experience these problems with PlatPlay Solutions. Your communication is free from stasis. Interaction with the target audience is ensured. Your messages get more attention and participation increases.