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Effective Campaign Management by Providing the Right Content at the Right Time with PlatPlay Solutions.

PlatPlay Digital Signage Solutions help you to extend the reach of your promotions and campaigns by ensuring your customers to meet the right campaign at the right time and place.

PlatPlay enhances the effectiveness of your campaigns by attracting attention with effective messages on screens that are located close to the sales points. Digital Signage Software Solutions help you to target your messages with interactive features. You can publish different content for for different locaitons targeting any date time range, with multiple messages, and you can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

How to Manage Your Campaigns and Promotions with PlatPlay

Increase Your Sales

Increase Your Sales by Attracting Your Customers’ Attention

Get your customers to drive sales with digital displays positioned close to sales points. PlatPlay Digital Signage Solutions are attracting the attention of your customers and increasing their tendency to purchase instantly.

PlatPlay Digital Signage Solutions increase your sales by increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns with its interactive structure and effective message presentation on high resolution displays while positively influencing your customers’ purchasing decision.

Quick and Easy Content Management

You can Update Your Campaign Content within Seconds

It takes just a few seconds to update your campaign content with user friendly interface that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. With the advantage of quick updating, the effect of your messages will be much higher compare to conventional methods.

Thanks to the templates PlatPlay prepared for you, It’s easy to create and publish your messages with them. You can prepare the content from videos and pictures and you can achieve youe targets by impressing your customers with these visual elements.z.

Provide a personalized experience for your customers by differentiating your messages with different themes and moving away from boredom and creating the effect you want.

Have the Results of Your Campaign

Measure the Effectiveness of Your Campaigns with Detailed Reporting

PlatPlay solutions have the flexible reporting ability. You can find the answers of your wquestions like Which messages are published in which screens? and When and how long they were displayed? The answers of these questions will help you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize your outcomes.

The advantage of reporting is that you will be far away from your competitors  with your metrics on your hands. With PlatPlay flexible reports, you can understand your customers better and create campaigns for their needs, wants and demands.

Cross Sell Campaigns

Let Your Cross Sell Increase with Interactive Features

Your customers are buying products and services offered by you. With PlatPlay Digital Signage solutions, you can offer complementary products and services that customers may be interested following their buying behavior.

PlatPlay solutions can instantly update content and integrate with external data sources. By the support of this integration you can easily offer products and services that customers may be interested in and increase your sales.